Rose Shorrock
Rose's beautiful paintings are an exploration of colour and composition, through which she aims to create an atmospheric aura evoking a sensation, or several sensations. Her initial inspiration is derived from journeys and landscapes and in particular minute details within the landscape.
Having graduated from Newcastle with a BA in Fine Painting, Rose went on to study for her MA at Winchester School of Art.  Since 1997 she has exhibited across the UK with tremendous success.  Her work has been shown many times by a prestigious London Gallery, as well as in Wiltshire and Suffolk.  Now living in Marlborough she has taught for many years at Marlborough College and has three children.
If you like her work please get in touch with regards to prices, viewings etc. 
Prices range from £300 for smaller works to £3500 for the larger pieces. 
The Conversation
100x115cm unframed POA

A Spring Walk
107x122cm  POA

31x32cm framed POA
The Adventure
86x66cm unframed POA
A Summers Day
120x140cm  unframed POA
31x32cm  POA

31x32cm POA

Amorphous POA

                       Palm Beach  7x10cm  £260.00     

Windfall 4.5x5cm 

Blue Mountains  4x5cm  £190

Orchard  8x10cm 

Earthworks  8x20cm £280 

Retreat  17x20cm

Palm Cove  7.5x8cm

Feeling Blue  18x21cm  £360

Discovery  4x6cm

Development  7x8cm

Landscape  POA