Mat Kemp


Mat's work is predominantly sculptural, combining a mixture of recycled, found and donated materials with more traditional elements such as bronze, plaster, acrylic and resin.


I love the incidental, letting pieces evolve naturally and trusting instinctive decisions over which I have no control. Often I’m working on a piece and realise that a piece of it would work better if combined with different elements from another piece, the crucial ingredient is to ‘Make it and see’.


He uses his experience as a hard landscaper and illustrator to produce a vast range of work, humour & fun playing a significant role in many of his pieces.


Mats portfolio of work is ever evolving - if you love his work, please get in touch and we will find out what is currently available. 



The Original Hairy Biker - £290

30x30cm mixed media







No Idea How We Got Here  84x1124cm  £960

Papier mache on canvas




Jack of all trades  48x48cm  £520

Playmobil figures in plaster




Nationalistic Bums  40x40cm  £390

Enamel on plaster 



Multitasking  35x38cm  £400

mixed media



Fancy Dress 35x38cm £400

mixed media




 Hands Up  35x38cm £400

Mixed Media



Pink Feathers

Mixed Media



Big Fish 65x124 cm £600

Mixed Media




Playmoboy 98 x 19cm  £600

Mixed Media