This London based artist has the most wonderful eye for colour.  Influenced by a successful career in fashion, Jane Wachman is now a full time artist.  Believe it or not, many of her paintings are inspired by the Irish coast line.  She uses a screenprinting process when working, gentle brushstrokes and the use of 'squeegies' create the transluscency.  The paintings develop over time, the translucent paint reveals shapes beneath the surface. The more you look at the paintings, the more you discover. Some are very structural, influenced by her love of archictecture and buildings, some more fluid and loose.   



Journey to Jaipur I 46x46 cm framed 


Journey to Jaipur II 46x46cm framed   



Along the River 108x73cm  


Rythmic I  104x104cm  framed


Rythmic II 104x104cm  framed


Global Landscape 80x80cm framed and mounted on board


Pink Sky II  Acrylic on Canvas 100x120cm



Pink Haze  28x28cm  Acrylic on Canvas



Moving Windows I  Acrylic on Canvas  42x42cm


Moving Windows II  Acrylic on Canvas  42x42cm 




Moving Windows III  Acrylic on Canvas   42x42cm



Walking the Neon 1 Acrylic on Canvas  100x100cm 


Walking the Neon II  Acrylic on Canvas  100x100cm


Walking the Neon I & II