As you can see from her stunning paintings, Henrietta is fascinated by colour, form and light. She draws inspiration from her travels around the Southern coast of England and the West coast of Scotland. She thrives on the shape of the landscape and the dramatically changing weather. 

She studied Fine Arts at Newcastle University gaining a highly respectable 1st Class degree and her work can be found in collections in New York, Houston, Sydney, Perth, Paris and of course in the UK.

Henrietta currently paints at Wimbledon Art Studios and Surface is delighted to be showing her new series of work.



Glowing Water, oil on canvas, 91x91cm, £2,100


Coastal Morning, oil on canvas, 110x110cm, white frame,  £2500 



Tranquil Waters,  oil on canvas, 100x100cm, tray-framed in grey   £2,100 SOLD


Spring Coastal Water, oil on canvas with gold and silver leaf  91x91cm £2,100

Tray-framed in grey SOLD


Evening Coastal Reflection 91x91cm, oil on canvas with gold leaf  £2,100


Scottish Heat,  oil on gesso,  36x28cm  

Double framed in white (53x46cm)  £700 


Summer beach (West Sussex) oil on gesso with copper & silver leaf   

double framed 53x46cm  £700 SOLD



Climbing Beach Coastal Study 43x38cm  £600 SOLD
Oil on gesso panel with gold leaf, double framed 

On the Beach  90x70cm  Oil on canvas  £1750
Tray framed in grey



Catching the Early Tide  75x75cm  Oil on Canvas  £1,700
Tray framed