Harriet Salt 


Harriet has been painting from a very young age. She studied art at University in the UK and for three years in Florence.  

Her first exhibition was in Shephards Market where she was discovered by a well-known London Art Gallery. From then on her work was exhibited at all the London Art Fairs. 

Harriet's first solo show was at a Bond Street Gallery in 2006.  Since then she has exhibited across Wiltshire and Hampshire with great success.  

We are delighted to have a beautiful new series to show you for Autumn 2017. 




Eggs of Distinction  10x6 inches  £850



The Beginning of the Season  10x8 inches  £950 



A Mixed Bunch  18x14inches £2200



The Rose Ribbon  14x10 inches  £950


Meeting in the Cove  10x6 Inches  £850 


Beetroot and White Jug  16x12inches  £1000


The Red Buoy 20x16 inches  £1600


The End of the Day  22x18inches  £1900 


A Good Spot  10x6.5 inces £950 


Ribbon and Egg Cup  8x10inches  £1000


From the End of the Garden  12.5x10inches  £1150



Breakfast  8x10"   £1200  SOLD


The Green and Blue with Silver  12.5x10" £1450


Heat Rising  14x12"  £1000 SOLD


The Hound  14x18"  £920


Roses in a Blue Teapot  16x14"  £2000


Four Heads  10x18"  £920  SOLD


The Front Row  14x10inches  £1200


Just picked from the garden 14x12"  £1100  SOLD



The Old French Vase 18x20" £2,400


On the Garden Table - 18x22" £2700 SOLD


Beside the Window 24x22"  £3000


Freshly Picked  12.5x10" £1300 SOLD


May Roses  16x20" £1800


Lyings Down 18x14" £1600


Catching the Light  30x24"  £3600 



Emily's Anenomies  18x20  £1200  SOLD


Tara's Present  14x12" £880  SOLD




Midsummer Roses  8x10"  £1050  SOLD



Waiting in the Watering Jug 16x16"  £1450


Just placed Roses  30x26"  oil on canvas SOLD


Pinks and Red 12x10"  Oil on Canvas  SOLD


Peonies, Plate and Secateur  20x16"  Oil on Canvas SOLD



Pinks in watering jug  20x18" Oil on Canvas  SOLD

Warm Light on Cool Roses  30x24"  Oil on Canvas SOLD

Beetroot and Plate 14x18" Oil On Canvas £1000

Roses in a teapot  16x14" Oil on Canvas  £980


Peonies Revisted  18x16"  Oil on Canvas  £1500  SOLD


Roses and two  plums  14x12" Oil on Canvas SOLD


Red Roses  14x12"  Oil on Canvas SOLD

Standing Straight  10x12"  Oil on Canvas  £680

Beetroot in Soft Light  18x14" Oil on Canvas £1200


Super Bright Light 10x12"  Oil on Canvas  £800 SOLD


Catching Up 18x22" Oil on Canvas £1500

Looking Across from Pennings Drove 16x10"  Oil on Canvas  £820


Soft Afternoon Light 30x24"  Oil on Canvas SOLD


Swans at Stockbridge  14x12"  Oil on canvas  SOLD


Sketch for the Final Stretch 16x10" Oil on Canvas £750

The Final Stretch   Oil on Canvas  28x14" £1400

Breakfast Selection  11x10"  SOLD


The Peonies and Scissors  22x18"  SOLD

Peonies in Japanese Vase  24x30"    SOLD

Peonies and little plate  14x12"    SOLD

Peonies in blue kettle  22x18"   SOLD

Plums and cream jug  20x18"  £1200

Red roses in tankard  22x18"  SOLD

The Chosen One  18x14"  £980 SOLD

Plums and Silver Jug  24x18"  £1200

Roses and Old Green Plate  18x14"  £980

Fruit and blossom  22x18"  £1100

Roses and Two Plums 18x22  £2200


Light on Rose Head  8x10"  £560  SOLD