Charles Rowbotham 

 Since his first 'sell-out show' at Wimbledon Studios back in 2010, Charles has exhibited at a number of prestigious fairs and galleries in London and across the country. 

He specialises in depicting City Life, capturing a specific moment in time.
 'I’ve loved the bustle of city life for as long as I remember.  I also like the dynamic of the built environment in relation to figure. i.e. perspective, natural meeting spaces and atmosphere.'
We are truly thrilled to be showing his paintings at Spirit - more to follow so please do get in touch if you love his work!


Picadilly Silhouettes  12x12"  

Oil on Board  £795



Oil on Board  £795



Trafalgar Square Light  £795
10x12" Oil on board

Covent Garden Light  £695
10 x10 "  Oil on Board

City Silhoettes  £895

 12x14"  Oil on Board