Launched in 2011, Surface is an exciting and ever-evolving art business.  Our aim is to introduce our clients to emerging and established artists at Art Fairs and stimulating ' pop-up' events. 

Surface has been created by Louisa Warfield and Suzie Horsey. Between then they have many years of experience selling art at major London Art Shows. 

The name Surface relates to three essential aspects of our business: It refers to the very essence of what the artist is trying to achieve, adapt a surface to create and individual and unique concept of art.  Secondly it refers to the the new and emerging artists, as they surface we will introduce their work to our clients. Lastly and simply it refers to the blank surface our clients may have in their home. 

Our goal is to help you choose a beautiful piece of art for this surface, something that will inspire you, intreague you and make you smile for many years to come. 

We show our art in an eclectic mix of venues both in London and across the South of England. We love to take our clients by suprise by exhibiting work in fun and unconventional places.

Previous exhibitions include:

Barossa Restaurant, Parsons Green SW6 London

(permanent curation for over 2 years)

Il Girasole Restaurant, Wandsworth SW18

Bare Beauty Salon, Webbs Road, SW18

Reading Art Fair

Fulham Palace Art Fair

Wimbledon Open Studios Art Fair

Private House Show - Burnwood Lane SW18

Katie & Jo Boutique, SW6

Natasha Cootes Boutique, SW6

Belle Amie Cafe, SW18

Mead House Studios, Hampshire

Cashmere Goose, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

Sloupe Cafe, SW12

Spirit of Summer Fair, Olympia, W8