Mary-Ann Watt
We are thrilled to represent this wonderful new artist.  Completely self taught, Mary-Ann has previously been working almost entirely on commission, but has kindly agreed to paint a new botanical series for Spirit of Christmas this year. 
The artist has a natural ability to accurately portray the flowers in great detail. With an excellent choice of palate, she creates paintings that are both vibrant and contemporary.  They work beautifully in kitchens, as well as in living rooms and bedrooms. 
Mary-Ann mainly works on commission, such is the increasing demand for her paintings. If you love her work, please do get in touch.
See below for examples of her recent floral paintings.   Prices available on request. 

Spring Green Tulips

Orange Rose  
60x60cm, acrylic on box canvas 

Chinatown Tulip
60x60cm, acrylic on box canvas
Chinatown Tulip II
60x60cm, acrylic on box canvas

Two Purple Tulips 
60x60cm, acrylic on canvas SOLD

Pink Tulip 
38x38cm framed  acrylic on canvas   SOLD 

Chrysanthemum Diptych
95x60cm  acrylic on canvas SOLD 

Vibernum  60x60cm
Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Three Pink Tulips 60x60cm 
Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Amarylis - 60x60cm
Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

White Agapanthus 60x60cm
Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Blue Agapanthus 60x60cm
Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Rose Pink
37x31cm framed  oil on board SOLD

Agapanthus I
37x31cm framed  oil on board  £200 SOLD

Peony I
50x50cm  acrylic on canvas SOLD

Peony II
50x50cm  acrylic on canvas SOLD 

60x60cm  acrylic on canvas 
100x80cm  acrylic on canvas  SOLD
30x30cm acrylic on box canvas  SOLD

Spring Green Tulip
80x60cm  acrylic on canvas  SOLD
Tulip Triptych
60x90cm  acrylic on box canvas  SOLD